Nina Rizzo of Studio Bristol is now offering a new fine art service – pastel paintings made from your photographic portraits. Studio and Location Portraits, Pet and Animal Portraits , Homes, Farms and Landscape scenes from your beautiful properties are all available. Paintings are created with beautiful and archival pastels and pastel pencils on premium pastel papers and boards. Prices start at $500.00 for a 12” x 16” portrait painting; that price includes the photo session. (Paintings are made from our photographic images) Each commission will be priced individually, depending on subject matter and size.


Copy Photography


We have  many friends who are artists and love seeing their new work. We have a special area in our studio designed specifically to shoot copy work.  We also shoot installations of artwork and sculpture and of course portraits to use in your promotional materials.

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Any of our portrait session images can be turned into beautiful hand crafted alternative process Platinum, Palladium, salted paper or encaustic infused prints.

If you desire silver gelatin prints, toned or hand colored,  we can shoot film at the time of your portrait session.